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Garmin etrex 30 goes white sceen afet garmin express sw update

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  • Garmin etrex 30 goes white sceen afet garmin express sw update

    When upgrading SW in my GARMIN unit via Garmin express, the unit ceased to worked.
    Whenever I turn it on the screen goes white and no reset (or any other action by the way) is possible

    When I connect it to the USB in the PC the message pops up of USB not recognized and device malfunction (always with the white screen of death)

    Garmin Iberia is requesting me 120$ plus shipping & packing for the to figure out the issue, but seems to much for me for a problem caused by SW update

    Any one of you guys have experienced such a glitch, malfunction as a result of a SW update?

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    Sounds like you may have disconnected it before the update file was fully downloaded to your device and is now corrupted, which is now causing an issue. If you can get the device recognised you could delete the update file, if you cannot then you may need to take their offer. This FAQ though may help you get your device recognised:
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