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Repeating behavior: "You Have Items Ready to Install"

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  • Repeating behavior: "You Have Items Ready to Install"


    I am running Garmin Express on OSX 10.13.5. This is a fresh download and install of Garmin Express.

    When the application starts, it displays the following message, "You Have Items Ready to Install" with a blue "Install" button. The Last Checked value is early today. When I click on "View Details" it says "Other Items" and there is an "Install" button.

    Clicking on either Install button prompts me to insert the USB ANT stick if it isn't inserted, and then shows the "Syncing ..." message. That process takes about three minutes and then the entire process repeats all over.

    I've tried exiting and restarting the application as well as downloading and re-installing, but the behavior remains the same.

    The last successful sync to the website was a month ago.

    Is there more that I can do to see what is happening? Are there logs that might have more information? Is there a known corrective action?