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Zoom level to make custom maps visible

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  • Zoom level to make custom maps visible

    Is there anyway I can change the zoom level at which my custom maps will start to appear? At the moment, my maps are only displayed when the zoom is 500m or below. I would like to have the maps visible even when the map is zoomed out a little more.

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    Mine is good to where you see 2km on the screen as a scale bar, meaning the width of the screen is more like 5km across. After that it disappears.
    Perhaps it's a proportional thing?
    My custom map is almost 22km long - which would be about a 10% ratio.
    Is this the answer? - i don't know. I just want to let you know there is a way if i'm zoomed out that much further and i can still see my map.

    I did play with the map zoom features of the 62S, (Setup, Map, Advanced Map setup, zoom levels) and i can't say it made a difference for the custom map, but it did for my waypoints.


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      I believe the map detail setting (most/more/normal/less/least) will affect the zoom level at which the map appears. I leave mine set to most on my Oregon personally.

      Beyond that, it seemed to me that the software determines visible zoom levels based on the resolution of the source image. In other words, I must zoom in farther to see a map if I used 1 foot per pixel source data than a map created with 4 foot per pixel data.

      Either way, the range of zoom levels is pretty limited.


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        I suspect that your issue might be the draw order of the image in the KMZ file.

        Perhaps when you created your custom map, the draw order (which you select in Google earth when making a .kmz file when you're placing an image in google earth) may have been zero or a low number, and everything else ended up being drawn on top of it.


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          same question

          I believe Garmin device will detect the resolution of your kmz, and display it accordingly.

          Higher resolution will lead display on lower scale.

          Just guess, not sure.

          Hope their are some parameters to modify it. I want to display my custom maps in large scale too.