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The map disappears from GPSMap 172C

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  • The map disappears from GPSMap 172C

    I uploaded a map to my device GPSMap 172C via MapInstall. I had two messages before passing the map. I did not care about them or read them. Later known as warning messages. The map on BlueChart datacard has been deleted and replaced by the new map. Without any data.
    The device accepts maps on the map card. That I downloaded
    Through MapSource or MapInstall.
    This is because the card has become read after deleting its data by mistake.
    Each time I send maps. I can not find maps inside the device other than one map.
    For example - Gb333 (5000) - in the MapList menu. With science. I download more than 10:30 map of the total Red Sea maps and part of the Arabian Gulf. After obtaining a map that is not protected.

    If you say that the card needs aGarmin card reader. Why should he accept the maps? Why the original map was deleted.
    The device does not deal with modern programs onlyMapSource or MapInstall. thank you all

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    Important note.
    The device works well. When the card is removed and installed again, the driver reads his data and sees the card data.
    But the background of the device remains on the map integrated into the software. And use it to sail but I do not see the islands and other obstacles in the sea. please help