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Data Field: Dozen Run Fields

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  • Since there is no "Dozen trailrun/hiking" data field, is there a way to make if more focused on data like altitude, ascent & descent, grade?
    I hoped I could use this data field also in my mountain runs and hikes if I could tweak it a little.


    • I made some more comparison between Dozen Run and Dozen Walk.

      The description of Dozen Run says:

      "This is a 12 field display for all watch types:

      -Pace uses a rolling average and silky smooth no rollup/roll down delays. The 'Rolling Average' is configurable from Garmin Raw Pace to 30 seconds rolling average.

      NOTE: default 6 is really all that is needed for Rolling Average.

      -Smart 'defaulted' values are ready for all users, so configuration is not necessary.

      -Graphing for data Garmin does not provide to you

      -Displays Lap Pace Configurable.

      --Relative Running Economy graph (

      --Momentary Energy Expenditure graph ("

      What I spotted was that I could not choose Momentary Energy Expenditure as a data field of Dozen Run, nor it is a fix data field of DR.
      On the other hand I could opt for Momentary Energy Expenditure in case of Dozen Walk.

      Is it something deliberate that MEE can be seen as a graph, but it is omitted as a real-time data field for running? If so, what is the driver behind that MEE is allowed to be used for walking, but not for running?

      Last edited by NAZO; 01-28-2019, 06:54 AM. Reason: English: Changing 'is allowed to use' to 'is allowed to be used'. Anyway not sure which is correct


      • A friend of mine run this on his Fenix and it's excellent. I've installed it on mine and can select Dozen cycle in field one but where do I configure what is displayed? When I go to the training screen field one is now empty. For me there seems to be a crucial step missing...


        • to add to a screen
          From the clock watch face, long press menu button (touchscreen long press screen)

          “ACTIVITY” is the builtin-in that is desired to be set.(Run, Bike, Row, SUP or Swim)

          In the main menu select: Settings >Activities &Apps> “ACTIVITY”> “Activity” Settings >Data Screens>
          Select first Screen: then
          Set Layout to the entire screen
          Set Field 1 to >ConnectIQ Fields>Dozen____

          Most watches are the same as described above, but there could be small differences.

          to edit dozen run, is done in Garmin Express or Connect App in the data field settings.
          in connect, select the watch icon top right, and follow the activity management path, select datafields, there you will find the installed data fields.
          Author of Dozen data fields and Elliptical App.


          • hi
            what mean the field "Rolling Speed Period for second" in the settings ?
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            • That is an average window for speed. The more seconds increase the windowed average
              Author of Dozen data fields and Elliptical App.


              • Please tell me does Dozen cycling data field suport %hrr.
                Cant find how to configure it ????


                • Ziilky, yes by default. set the watch HR zones to use HRR then the Datafield will uses the zones set in the watch.
                  Author of Dozen data fields and Elliptical App.


                  • fbbbrown

                    Now I get %hr but %hrr (heart rate resting) I cant get showing.
                    In same time, garmin fields shows my %hrr correctly.
                    My zones are set in watch (fenix3) and I set calculation method to %hrr, of course.
                    Other fields witch I used till last week shows it correctly, garmin shows it too ... soo what I am doing wrong?
                    One more tip... Can u make percentage (witch is now right small number) to be configurable to shows in first bigger number of right upper field ... Because zones are more important then bpm for most of cyclists
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                    • How can I disable color in entire field os cad and hr? in the config there is a option "VAHR ONLY: color in entire hr/cad field: No. But no effect when I run. The entire field of cad/hr still colored.

                      Thanks in advanced.


                      • If you have the VAHR, it will disable the HR/CAD Color. it was for a special case and I do not recommend. Usually most only want to see the color range while running, and is kinda unsafe to be looking at smaller numbers while moving.
                        Author of Dozen data fields and Elliptical App.


                        • GPS sometimes loses my Garmin Foreathlete 935 within around 1 or 2 minutes from start, which occurs once or twice per month irregularly. There is no intercepter above. I always press stop and start button after I realized my watch lost GPS, then it works correctly soon, and never occurs again in that session. Dozen Run Field screen disappears and chandes normal digital watch when the watch doesn't catch GPS.

                          See the example.
                          Last edited by ansel42; 04-14-2019, 09:38 PM.


                          • ansel42, that appears to be an issue with the FR935, suggest to give your watch a restart and update the firmware.
                            Author of Dozen data fields and Elliptical App.