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Connect IQ 3.0.4 SDK Now Available!

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  • Connect IQ 3.0.4 SDK Now Available!

    Connect IQ 3.0.4 SDK Now Available!

    The Connect IQ 3.0.4 SDK is now available for download from the Connect IQ developer site! Here are the release notes for a preview:

    General Changes
    • Add new System.BUTTON_INPUT_* values for detecting device buttons available.
    • Prevent device lock-up when calling Communications.cancelAllRequests().
    • Fix an issue that could cause the device to restart when calling Communications.makeWebRequest() when connected to wifi.
    • Send Communications.UNABLE_TO_PROCESS_IMAGE instead of crashing when an image cannot be processed when downloading with makeImageRequest().

    Simulator Changes
    • Fix an issue where the Background Events dialog displayed an entry with no name.
    • Fix version in ‘About’ page to reflect the SDK version, rather than the device version.
    • Improve error messages with file context to use canonical paths instead of absolute paths.
    • Escape System.print() commands that contain \r so they show up in the plug-ins console window.
    • Fix the calculation of emulated peak memory usage for 1.x devices.
    • Fix issue causing symbol not found errors to appear when launching non–3.0.0 devices in the simulator.

    Compiler Changes
    • Improve checks for uninitialized variables and missing return statements.
    • Add character location information to syntax-related compiler errors / warnings.
    • Add device name and Connect IQ version to build warnings along with part number.
    • Improve duplicate symbol definition error message that is generated when such a scenario is detected by the compiler.
    • Fix the code generated by the resource compiler when COLOR_TRANSPARENT shapes are defined in a drawable-list with a border.
    • Improve token recognition error reporting by being sure that the file name where the error was found is appended to the error message.
    • Fix bug causing warnings to be suppressed when building a Monkey Barrel project when that project contains no errors.
    • Fix Menu2 XML processing bug, which caused the ordering of menu items to not always be kept within the generated Menu2.
    • Add support for Drawable resource references within the drawable-title node of Menu2 XML, which is already supported programmatically.
    • Fix bug in launcher icon overriding logic, which caused the icon to not be overridden.
    • Expand the Monkey C enum capabilities by allowing them to be initialized with expressions, strings, longs, floats, and doubles (anything that can initialize a constant variable).

    A new 3.0.4 Plugin has been released as well.