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  • General Connect IQ FAQ

    1. What is Connect IQ?

    Connect IQ allows developers to create custom apps that individuals can install and use on Garmin devices. Apps take many forms, like custom watch faces for wearable devices, widgets that provide quick information at a glance, personalized data fields for built-in activities, or complete apps that add entirely new features.

    2. Which Garmin devices support Connect IQ?

    There are currently several wearable products and three Edge devices that either support Connect IQ, or will very soon:

    3. Where can I find Connect IQ apps for my device?

    Developers can list their apps on Garmin's Connect IQ store, which may then be downloaded by anyone that owns a compatible Garmin device. Apps can be managed through Garmin Connect Mobile on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device, and via Garmin Express on PC/Mac.

    4. Where can I learn more about Connect IQ?

    The best place to start is on our Connect IQ developer site, which has a good overview of Connect IQ, developer guides, full documentation of the API, and a place to download the software development kit (SDK).

    5. How do I create a Connect IQ app?

    Apps are written in a simple scripting language called Monkey C. Garmin has made a free SDK available that has all of the tools needed to create apps. The SDK includes a full set of documentation and example apps that you can take a look at to get started. Once you've created something, you may submit your app to the app store to share with other Garmin users!

    6. Where is the best place to get help with a Connect IQ app I would like to create?

    Garmin maintains a Connect IQ developer forum where you may find answers to questions about Connect IQ development, find support discussions about specific apps, and make requests to the developer community for apps you would like to see. Several experienced 3rd party developers are typically available to help, and members of Garmin's Connect IQ team also monitor the forums for bug reports and feature requests.

    7. Why does the seconds hand disappear from my watch face?

    Preserving battery life is something important for all Garmin devices, especially the wearable kind. Our wearables are typically in a low power mode, which updates the screen once every minute. When the device is raised to check the time, it automatically enter a full power mode and updates the screen once every second for about eight seconds. Many watch face creators will take advantage of this full power mode and display a second hand during those few moments, and then hide the second hand when the device goes back into low power mode. This is just one way we work to keep your devices operating for days or weeks between each recharge!
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