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Cannot Access VIRB 360 via WiFi network in iOS app


I’m having problems when trying to access my VIRB 360 when the VIRB is connected to my WiFi network. When I first bought my VIRB last ynight at, it would connect in this way with no problem, but not the only way to connect the VIRB to my iPhone is using the virb’s own WiFi connection.

The virb connects successfully fully to my home WiFi network, but on launching the app it forces me to connect directly, disconnecting the camera from my home n twirl and connecting to the virbs own WiFi signal.

Ive tried everything up to factory reset and still no luck.

Anyone else having this problem?

Im using iOS 11 on iPhone X with latest firmware on VIRB and latest app version.


  • Hello Orphus,

    I'm sorry you're having issues. I have an iOS 11.2.5 iPhone X, a VIRB 360 (latest firmware) and the latest app version and I'm not seeing the issue you're describing. Quick question, do you know if your WiFi network is 5ghz or 2.4ghz? The VIRB 360 only supports 2.4ghz networks, what you describe could be attributed to you connecting to a 5ghz network with the VIRB 360. You said you haven't tried a factory reset, but if you don't mind can you perform one on the camera (Setup > System > Factory Reset)? You will not lose anything on your SD card, the factory reset will just reset all the settings on the camera and may fix the issue.
  • Hi,

    thanks for your suggestion. I have actually tried a factory reset but still no luck.

    I am connecting to a 2.55GHz network, I have 2 SSID set up on my router, one for each band, so can identify which network I am connected to.

    I am now now also experiencing issues with the connection directly on the camera, so assume I have a faulty unit.

  • Orphus,

    It could be a faulty unit, to be sure you can try connecting to another device if you have one handy or have a friend with one (iPad, another iPhone, Android Phone/Tablet if you have one handy).