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How do you get a GPX file from a Garmin Oregon 750 onto an iPad?

I'll be going on a bike tour and will record a track for each day's ride. I want to be able to get the track files (.GPX) out of the GPS and onto an iPad so that I can view the GPX files in other programs and/or websites. I will not have a computer with me on the tour - only a GPS and iPad.

I currently have a Garmin Oregon 550t, but it does not have Bluetooth or WiFi capability. The Oregon 550t stores GPX files in its main internal memory instead of on the microSD card, and there is no setting to tell it to save GPX files on the microSD card. Therefore, without a computer, there is no way to get the GPX file out of the 550t main memory.

So, I'm thinking that maybe if I bought a newer GPS, such as the Oregon 750, that it might be possible to use its Bluetooth or WiFi connection, in conjunction with Garmin Connect or Garmin Explore on my iPad, to export GPX files from the Oregon 750 to the iPad.

Does anyone know if this is possible?