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notifications per app with Garmin Dive

Anyone successfully setting notifications for just a few apps while having Garmin Dive and Connect installed? I have Connect set up to only show notifications on the watch for SMS. But when I install Dive all notifications start coming through. If I disable Dive notifications I don't get any notifications anymore, so its seems like Dive is overriding Connect?

Seems like lots of negative reviews on the App in Google Play and one mentions Dive 'takes over' which seems to be what I'm experiencing. Any alternatives for getting Dive data off the watch into an app? 

  • Make sure your Garmin device has the latest firmware installed. Sometimes, software glitches are resolved through updates.

    Ensure that notifications are enabled for the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone. Go to your phone's settings, find the Garmin Connect app, and make sure notifications are allowed.

    If you follow all setp issue not resolive.

    you might want to uninstall the Garmin Connect NO WhatsApp app from your smartphone and then reinstall it. This can resolve potential app-related issues.