Corrupt FIT File Repair Requests


I would like to load this file into any software, but all of them tell me that it cannot be imported.
For some reason the file is not working (the watch ran out of battery while it was tracking the hike), but I would really like to have it.

Any ideas?


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  • file names changed my watch independently when I added hrmpro again to my watch / yes, I had a watch + chest strap during exercise /

    thanks for the corrected file, great job, the file I uploaded through a web browser, contains everything correct

    interestingly, the training contained all the data on the watch, I could see the times, weights and heart rate, and in the app the fit file could not be loaded. where could the error?  I want to know where I made a mistake so it wouldn't happen again....

  • hi,

    strange, I forgot to tell you what was causing your corrupted fit file Slight smile

    • the sync with your hrm-pro is the cause of the corrupted fit file

    in your setup there is no need to sync, and so preventing this mishap Wink

    only sync with hrm-pro when swimming or when not wearing the watch during workouts

    • tip : while syncing your hrm-pro with the watch, make sure they are close to each other