Courses: Import file and keep the original elevation data

When you import a .gpx file for a course, GC "corrects" the elevation profile. There should be an option to maintain the original elevation data (if it exists), similar to how it is handled with activities. GC's elevation correction is really bad in steep areas, especially side hill trails where minor discrepancies between GPS coordinates and their elevation model appear as a significant noise in the elevation profile. So, I'd like to maintain the elevation data in my .gpx file.
  • Well, I have my hopes crushed already, but let's hope so.

    I was in the same state as I think you are when I first came to realize this, found a lot of posts on the forums about it, even started my own, and commented all around but then as nothing seems to happen lost my hope. So it's nice to see you doing the same, but don't lost hope :D 

  • thanks. just hope the workarounds will not be closed and the failed new sync option remains as the only one. don't feel like copying files via cable like its early start of the millennium.