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Map not appearing on Connect

Advice please. I'm a newbie to Garmins. All was going well, but Connect isn't showing my routes for the last couple of runs. All the other data is there, including elevation etc, so the GPS must be working. Have I inadvertently clicked something I shouldn't have done?
  • Sorted (for now)

    Don't know why (I didn't do anything differently), but my maps seem to be back. I do daily runs and the maps stopped appearing on 18 Feb and started again yesterday, 25 Feb. Not sure what happened. The missing maps haven't reappeared, but it least it all seems to be working properly again now. Hopefully, you'll all be sorted too. Seems to have just been a problem with the 235?
  • Just in case this is still happening to anyone else, Garmin wasn't able to help - they've just emailed to say "I'm afraid it looks like we will need to book your Garmin device in for a replacement". I'm not planning to send it back because the problem seems to have resolved itself.
  • Map not appearing on Connect


    I am experiencing the same issue here. My last 4 activities were loaded to my Connect without the GPS data.
    I thought perhaps that´s caused by some change of configuration on my heart monitor...

    Anyone has a clue on how to solve it?

  • same problem here, 935, Connect on iPhone 5, after run or cycle no map is shown (and I would really like to see where I was)
    tried reset and similar...
    and before, map was always there
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    IvoEbel are you trying to view your activities using Internet Explorer 11?

    There is currently an issue with that browser that is being investigated. There is an ongoing discussion in this thread.
  • Was this ever resolved? I don't think it is a browser or a device issue. I believe that may have some damaged account record links. I believe this because if I take a look at a broken record (no pun intended), and then look at a range of records around it from other users, they all have the same issue. i.e Problem record 9170283. I think Garmin should already be aware of why this is happening
  • I have had this problem with my FR935 for the past two runs.
    No map in the activity even though GPS signal was fine during the run.

    Has a solution ever been found for this?
  • helena_powers What web browser are you using? Most users seem to have success with Chrome, not so much with firefox. Also, you're replying to a post that is 9 months old, so not sure there is currently a system-wide issue. Works for me ;)
  • Same happened to me on Vivoactive 3.  I had to select "run" then go to "settings" and set GPS to "on"

  • Same happened to me on Vivoactive 3.  I had to select "run" then go to "settings" and set GPS to "on"