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Adding a weigh in, it's giving different weights in stone

So today I added a weigh in as 11 stone 10 pounds. Yet after clicking ok it's showing as 12 stone 10 pounds.

The bmi is the same as my usual 11 stone 10 pounds. 

Is this happening to anyone else? 

Why is it showing a stone more than what I am entering?

  • I'd have preferred to have lost a whole stone, rather than have gained another one.Joy My one stone gains seem to go back to exactly 12 months ago in August 2022. Every weigh in before that time seems OK. 

  • Well I've just done my morning weigh-in using my Garmin S2 Smart Scales. My weight & other stats looked fine on there and uploaded correctly to the mobile version of Connect as you can see in white above.

    Once the data got to my android mobile version of Connect my weight, skeletal muscle mass and bone mass all gained 1 stone. 

    Side by side screenshot of each show it clearly (white is from Connect online, black is in my phone Connect app)

  • If you lose another 6 pounds (or gain 2) does it show the correct stones figure? Joy

  • Yes, experiencing same issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled app, no difference. I have link my Garmin app to my fitness Pal, no issue there. Just with Garmin app. 

    Please fix bugs Garmin. Thanks in advance.

  • Same here! It's added a stone to me as well. I tried to add it manually and it says 10 stone etc and then as soon as I press save it says 11 stone etc! Really annoying, have actually just escaped 11sThinkingtone something for the first time in a very long time! Thinking

  • I think it would be useful if other users could report the app issue using the email address on the Play Store link (email is [email protected]), the Garmin development team will be more likely to patch and update the fix quickly.

  • Thanks Chan. This is a great idea. I have done this. 

    For speed and convenience, if anyone wants to use/copy/edit my email below, please feel free, if you haven't got time to write you own experience. 

    SUBJECT: One Stone (14LB) Added to all daily and historical weight entries.

    EMAIL: I have discussed this on the official Garmin support and community forums and this is not a problem exclusive to me. Many other people are experiencing this same issue.

    Since this week, all my daily weight logs gain 1 stone (14lb), immediately after I add an entry. 
    This applies to all my new daily entries, and the issue has also converted my last 12 months of weight entries to be exactly 1 stone (14lb) more than they should be.
    This is only on the Android app. 
    If I look at my data on the Garmin website through desktop PC, the current and historical data is accurate. 
    Please could you resolve this app issue so that all current and previous weight entries are correct. 
    Many thanks and if you require additional information please contact me. 
  • Thanks Mel - that was very handy. I have also emailed them.

  • Hi , my index smart scale V2 is reading my weight correctly but when it transfers to Garmin connect the weight displaced is 1 stone heavier. Have I got a setting wrong and is this an easy fix 


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  • Same for me and my husband. Who is it we need to email? To help build a stronger case?