Hell Gate Dredging

The dredging of Hell Gate, south of Savannah, has been completed. I did some test runs thru there this past Sunday at dead low tide to see what the results of the dredging were.

All areas of the channel were a minimum of 10 feet deep and most were in the 12-14 foot range.

The shallowest part will be between red 92 and green 91. There is a slight hump there but you still have 10 feet.

Green 89 is missing.

i suggest favoring the reds thru the Gate and up to red 86. Keep the reds on your port side especially at 86 since there is still debris from the old channel marker that was plowed over by the barge.

I’ll keep and eye on it and advise if I find any drastic changes.

If y’all have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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