Suggestion Thread

Here are some suggestions I have after testing virb edit. Correct me if you can do these things.

-More features
- selecting part of the video to export - same as in the program sony vegas, so you can export a small part to test to see if the video turns out the way you want it or to break up a larger video into smaller parts with just 1 project.
-group/ungroup videos - easier to sync gps to video - Right now it's hard manually syncing each video with gps data, if you have a joining feature such as the same in sony vegas it would make syncing just 1 video instead of multiple a lot easier.

-More audio formats - m4a is a popular audio format. Close to 10% of my music collection is not mp3 so it sucks that I can't use some songs. Converting songs seems like a hassle and loss of quality to the song.

-Overlap songs - Sometimes songs have 10 seconds of silence and there's no way to remove that silence in virb software so if you just make it possible to overlap the songs so that there is no awkward silence in the middle of a video.

If anyone has suggestions as well, leave a comment.
  • Thank you for your suggestions.

    We definitely have music improvements planned, both supporting more formats and allowing you to pick which part of a song to use.

    Finding an easier way to add G-Metrix to more than 1 clip is also something we are investigating.

    I hadn't heard of your first suggestion, that's an interesting idea. We'll see what we can do.
  • There is another topic I'd like to adress when it comes to MP4 support:

    Using the Virb's time lapse videos is one heck of a great experience - especially those ones recorded along hours of cycling. Thanks to Garmin for this great implementation of time lapse recording! Just awesome!

    But those time lapse videos often suffer of shaking, much more than videos with normal time base. One can perfectly cancel the shaking out applying Microsoft's astounding Hyperlapse software on the Virb's footage. The results are truly amazing and very ready to be presented to an wider audience (e. g. your own YouTube channel). But when it comes to overlays, one is stuck: Virb Edit doesn't allow for importing such post processed MP4 files. I dug a bit into the files' structures and found that Garmin embeds some own MP4 tags (UUID) into the recorded videos the Virb cam delivers. Those tags contain metadata about resolution and - in this special case - time lapse parameters. Those tags get lost when using MS Hyperlapse so the resulting video is perfectly stabilized but unusable within Virb Edit due to the missing time reference. I've tried to insert the magic MP4 tags manually but failed doing so. Virb Edit doesn't want to recognize them. There seems to be the need of more magic done than just copying those tags using a Hex-Editor...

    Maybe some nerdy :) Garmin guy could pick up this topic and wave some code into Virb Edit to move those MP4 tags from one video to another. This would do the trick, and all overlay data could be shown on hyperlapsed videos, too.

    I know, this is sort of a "hacking" topic, but finally these results are just overwhelming one could get when combining Garmin's sensor data with hyperlapse videos based on Virb footage.

    The current workaround I know of is using DashWare, a bundle similar to Virb Edit that is able to use hyperlapsed videos when importing them with the correct frame rate (e. g. 2 fps). With some extra transforming, one can finally get a valid MP4. Unfortunately, Virb Edit doesn't allow for such tricks (videos with 2 fps) because of losing all time reference; Virb Edit really needs the MP4 tags to manage the correct timing/synchronizing concerning GPS & fitness data (velocity, temperature and so on).

    It wouldn't be a big deal to enable Virb Edit to also digest named hyperlapse videos, though - if it only could move the MP4 tags around from one to another video.