Movie/GPX timestamps

I notice that the timestamps on the video and gpx are different. I dont remember which but one stamps the start and one stamps when it ends.

I manually import my videos and gpx each time from a dedicated media harddrive so it gets confusing if i have multiple files.

Why are the timestamps different? If I import the video through virb from the camera directly does virb edit have a feature that will import the correct gpx file automatically?
Also, what is the different between the .gpx and .fit files and which one should i be importing?


As mentioned in another thread i read, it would be nice if the camera didn't start at Virb0001 each time, this is also a pain when using multiple cards.
  • Importing from the camera directly is the recommended approach.

    Yes, we automatically match the correct file (the GPX file has an entry pointing to the correct file).

    The FIT file records the whole time the camera is on, the GPX only gets written when you record (but has more information). We import both when you import with VIRB Edit.

    If you import manually, you probably want to use the GPX file.

    The clip naming is something the device guys are looking into.
  • Okay great. Here is a screenshot:

    There are 4 videos 000x. Timestamp is the finished recording time. The the gpx file has the timestamp start but in the file name. I think if there was a timestamp in the video file that corresponded with the gpx file it would make things clearer.

    When I get home i dump the video files and gpx onto my media drive for editing at a later time, which is why I import them manually. Are you saying if I import through virb to my destination folder that the gpx will automatically transfer to the folder or does the program still try to retrieve from the virb device?
  • We don't put the GPX in the same folder as the clip, but into our app data folder and link it to the clip.

    Using VIRB Edit to import gains you the following:

    - We automatically grab the GPX file for the clip. So you can play the clip right away and it will have the right track data. No need to manually look for the right file.
    - We automatically grab the FIT file for your session. This allows you to show the track from when the camera was turned on, not just for when you were recording. It also allows to display correct total distance and elapsed time for when clips were split into several files.

    These files are not stored alongside the clip though. They are inside our app data folder.

    You can always export the GPX data from VIRB Edit by right-clicking on the clip and picking 'Save GPS Log'.
    There is currently no easy way to extract the FIT file for a clip from VIRB Edit.