GPS on Multiple Clips - Set Mileage to 0 for each

For reference I am using GoPro Footage with Strava GPS data (.gpx).

I am trying to create videos of a variety of mountain bike trails, and am adding GPS data using Virb Edit. My issue is that, for each independent clip (new clip for each trail) I want the distance/course map to start at 0 miles again. As it is, the distance gauge will only show the distance in regards to my entire ride (If I hop on a trail 3.5 mi into my entire ride, the distance in the clip will start at 3.5 mi). Because I am trying to display the info (distance, course) for each trail individually, this is an issue.

If I change the 'Activity Start Time,' it will adjust the start for every clip. I also tried creating copies of my GPS data, one copy for each clip, and then applying a different (but technically identical) GPS file to each clip, but I'm not sure if Virb Edit supports this because everytime I add a new GPS file it seems to apply them to all the clips. Theoretically I could create a new project for each clip, but due to rendering times I'd much rather do all the clips all at once if possible.

Appreciate any help.