Hiking video: Add complete/global track and G-metrics to multiple time-separated clips


I wanted to have some feedback to know whether it is possible to do what I have in mind with VIRB edit software or not. I prepare hiking videos filming short clips only in interesting points in different moments of the route, that is, non consecutive. The route can last from hours to several days.

I get the gpx file from the entire route either from a Fenix5 or a handheld device and the clips from different cameras (no Garmin Virb nor GoPro for now).

When I use the Garmin Virb Edit I do all the process: importing the clips, the gpx, the synchronization and so on and add the overlay with the indicators. In my case I use specifically the elevation, distance and the track.

Regarding the track indicator, the point is that when I add that indicator I see that it is added for the corresponding portion of that specific clip which may be fine for some applications but I wanted to know if it would be possible to show the full track (of the whole adventure) because I would like to show the position where I am when filming the different clips but showing the whole track so the viewer can identify if I am at the beginning of the track, in the middle, etc. Same with the distance, I would like to see the accumulated distance.

In other words: My activity was a 20km hike and I filmed a clip at km 10 explaining the origin of a mountain so I want the overlay to show the whole track (20km) and the marker in the middle of that track showing my position with the distance indicator showing km 10.

I hope I made myself clear. If the software does not have this feature I would appreciate any recommendation on how this could be done.

Thanks in advance!


  • I think if you import the full gpx file into the editor, you can can then specify you want to use the track for distance. You have to specify for each film segment.

    Edit:- just confirmed this with Sunday's ride. I had 5 Virb segments, with Virb set to "GPS only when recording". In VirbEdit, I combined these segments then imported the gpx from the whole ride (from a separate Forerunner device that I leave running the whole time). Import the full gpx into the library, then go into each film segment and under the G-metrix option import the full gpx track from the library "recent imports" and tell virbedit to use these values for position. Bit of a faff having to do it each segment but you do build up the complete map.

  • Yeah ideally you could have the timeline based on the whole track and then you would position the clips on that timeline. I saw a video on YT where they used Dashware and Adobe Premiere to do that. It was quite a bit of work...

  • Hello,

    Note: my software use french language, I translated the menus labels in my post ... but I may make mistakes.

    If it can help someone else, in the G-metrix "data" tab I clicked on the "Activity start time". Then I selected the beginning of my activity (00:00) instead of the first second of the activity where I have a clip (ex: in my case, was 10:25).

    Good, the track overlay displays the entire/complete track.