Virb Edit Windows 5.4.3 Virb 360 video files will not play audio correctly. Worked a week ago???

All my other apps can play the 360 videos audio fine. Something happened in the past week on maybe two since my last edit. Even older projects now do not play 360 video with audio properly the audio sounds corrupt. Anyone else Win10 noticed this too? Maybe this is just me. Normally I am the guy who figures this stuff out. Tonight on my Shuttle PC, i7 Window 10 64bit, SSD hard drives etc...when attempting to play or edit within Virb Edit 5.4.3 my audio is corrupt. The same clips all play in other video players and other editing apps. Old projects that played maybe a week ago now only play video with corrupt sound. If I shut down videos audio, I can still get music track to play. An old version (before 360) will play the video audio and crazy 360 view fine. The newer builds now choke on the the video audio. --- I know I noticed some Window update the past week maybe related.

Virb Edit 4.2 before 360 can play the distorted video but audio correctly??? 

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