[Feature Request] Export PNG Overlays Only (No Video)


I want to use another software to do my video encoding as I wish to have more control over output video. Re-encoding the VIRB Edit exported video degrades the quality. Plus, my video editor supports GPU acceleration for encoding and speeds up the process of rendering the new video.

Is it possible to skip the video export step and just export the transparent overlays so that I can import them as an image sequence? Or perhaps make some kind of a NULL-Encoder that just goes through the step of creating a 0 byte video file, then goes to the next step of exporting the PNG overlays?

Currently, it is very time consuming as the time taken for video export is very slow. Then having to discard that video because I prefer to work with the original recording from the camera...

  • I had previously asked about getting a video export of just the gauges with a transparent background to then overlay with the original video in a mode advanced editor. I think it was on their list of features to include, but not near the top. I also tried creating a solid colour as a gauge to sit behind the gauges and on top of the video to achieve the same outcome. The concept worked but the quality was really poor so I didn't go any further with it.

    Out of curiosity, what program do you use to turn the PNG files into a video? I found that neither PowerDirector14 nor Premiere Elements was capable of dealing with so many files (1 file per frame).

  • I did think about a solid color gauge but it'd still require a video to be encoded which takes up time. Just generating the overlays is very quick and it would be perfect for me.

    My videos will be 4-5 minutes, 1080p 30fps so I'm not sure if there's a hard limit on the number of frames that can be imported into PD14 but that's what I'm planning to use. If there's some hard limit in the software, I'll find a way to cross that bridge when I get to it.

    With more effects, more work (PIP, transitions, etc), PD14 still cuts down the video creation time by 50%. x264 encode, using GPU.
  • Any update from the app developers? Does this feature request have any chance of turning into a feature any time soon?

    I'm planning on conducting a few events using these cameras and this single feature would save me a lot of time and consequently a lot of headaches.
  • We don't have immediate plans to implement this, but it's certainly a possibility.

    I apologize for what probably looks like a cop-out answer, but that's all I can say for now.
  • I second the request: VIRB encode times are quite long, compared to other video applications, an option to create transparent videos with gauges only would help BIG time. Or maybe you can try and speed up the process, that would work too. Thanks! :)

    EDIT: even better, you could generate small videos with single overlays only, this way we could adjust gauges position by ourselves and maybe even dynamically (if needed).
  • I only really care about getting a transparent PNG sequence that I can insert into my other video editor.

    My request is to simply have a third encoder option "Null" which skips the video encoding step altogether and goes directly to exporting the PNGs.

    I don't think the video encoding step is vital to the creation of the transparent PNG overlays in any way.

    Honestly, a simple step like this will same me a lot of money because I will not have to spend big money on a 6/8 core Intel processor.
  • I only really care about getting a transparent PNG sequence that I can insert into my other video editor.

    Totally agree. And there is a logical flow with the current design: If I have rendered MP4 video why would I need PNG image sequence at all? If I have an image sequence(so I intent to use it in another video editor) why do I ever need rendered MP4 from Virb?

    Also Virb encoding does not support GPU acceleration that can speed up rendering more than 2x times.

    Please look at it closely. Thank you!
  • +1 for me too

    I only really care about getting a transparent PNG sequence that I can insert into my other video editor.

    Yeap I am the same, I use Adobe Premiere Pro for the majority and having the gauges was a big part of buying the camera. Even then it's a total waste of my time because I have to export every video I shoot seperately or the track overlay is broken when using multiple clips.. Support has never come back to me on it after multiple emails and phone calls.
    Garmin support is pathetic in my experience.
  • This would be a nice feature. Having the option to export the overlays to be able to import them into a real video editor/encoder would be outstanding.
  • I join this .. just we need to export the PNG sequence
    Is a waste of time for people to do re-encode 3 times.
    Please garmin programmers .. take this seriously :)