Chroma Key in Virb Edit?

Why isn't chroma key supported in virb edit? I want to export to premier for some more advanced editing, yet I have to use a competitor's application (Dashware from GoPro) to actually achieve what I'm looking for...
  • I think you'll achieve what you're trying to do if you go to Menu > Settings > General and check the "Export transparent PNG sequence for overlays" box.
  • I know I am responding 7 years after the original post but wanted to post a possible solution in case someone else is trying to figure this out.  Dashware has the ability to generate a chroma layer, but I like the gauges in VIRB Edit.  This is my work around...  I used Premiere Pro to create an hour-long video of just green.  Search "Premiere Pro color matte" if you aren't sure how to do this. Be sure to use a color that you will not be using for the VIRB gauges.  Simply add the data to this solid color video in VIRB and export this video in the same resolution that your final video will be in.  Now pull the solid color video with data into Premiere Pro and add this to the timeline with your action camera video.  Use the "Ultra Key" effect to remove the solid color leaving the VIRB data overlay on top of your video.  The solid green (or whatever color you pick) can be saved and used for future videos.

    Keep in mind that you will need to line up the data video with the action camera video in Premiere Pro when you use this method.  The way I do this is I push the start button on my Garmin device in front of the camera(s) so I can see on the video the point where the data starts.