Date/Time of Videos

Hi there -

I'm new to the Virb, and I'm a bit puzzled re date/time stamping of videos. (Among other things, such as the bonkers microphone which points downwards and gives me a great recording of the bike chain running over the chainwheel, and the brake noise!)

Yup there's the oddball filenaming convention, however even though my VIRB basic has the correct date and time set, it doesn't figure in the video anywhere as far as I can see. When downloaded to my computer the all I can get at are the download date/time (via the "Properties" tab), NOT the actual date/time of recording. Which is bit daft really.

Taking a still from the video via VIRBEdit doesn't use the original time/date either.

This could be a bit of a killer if I need video as evidence, I would think!

Am I missing a trick?

Many thanks - Richard