syncing length of .mp4 and .gpx in VIRB Edit

I have a bike ride .mp4 that is a time lapse of 1 frame per second. So this file is about 3 minutes and 7 seconds long.
I have a .gpx file which is a full hour and a half (or so) in real time.

If I sync them in VIRB Edit I get only 3 minutes and 7 seconds of the .gpx file to sync with the video

I only want a 3 minute 7 second video in the end with the map and gages overlayed

HOW can I compress or sample the gpx file to match each other? What I want to do is tell it "match the starts" and "match the finishes" and then have the gages and map sync with the time lapse.

I realize the gpx file has over an hour's worth of data I'm trying to crunch or sample to match the video I have compressed using time lapse.