VIRB Edit 5.4.3 has suddenly developed sync bugs.

I've been using 5.4.3, on OSX for a while now, but I usually use my windows box. I imported some videos to my osx laptop while on vacation, but cannot now transfer them to windows without losing the telemetry data. I've no idea why that happens, but I'm used to Virb Edit being unpredictable.

So, when I try to edit on my osx machine, I go in to re-sync the G-Metrix data (on a Virb Elite, telemetry and video are always mis-synched by at least a few seconds, if not half a minute or more.) I was surprised that the video was showing upside-down (I film with the camera attached to my hang glider this way, then flip it in the editor. Having it un-rectified in the G-Metrix Sync tool is a new issue, and it makes it very hard to match up what I'm doing in the air against the map. But whatever.)

The third bug of the day is the fact that, having dragged the little reticle, on the map, to the correct location for the frame of video, the fix doesn't persist. Pressing play in the sync tool will immediately return the reticle to where it started. Using  the frame-forward and frame-backward buttons (bug 4 for the day) does nothing. If I set the reticle in place and simply hit the "done" button, the telemetry sync doesn't change - it's still offset from the video. Going back to the Sync tool will have the reticle set at some completely different place in the video from where it was at the beginning (bug 5) and will not budge from that spot no matter what I do.

The import is from 2.5 hours of flying video I shot. I've not yet done anything with the following day's 2.5 hours of flying because I noticed that the camera shut down in mid flight despite having plenty of battery and storage space left. (Bug 6.)