Multiple camera edition

Hi all,

I have two virb Ultra 30 (one for rear view, one for front view). One is master, second is slave, so camera are started (and stoped) both at the same time (using vivosmart remote controle function).

So for a 60 mn flight, i get two set of 3 video files.  I import these 6 files in Virb Edit.

When i want to create video file, sometime virb Edit detect automatically two videos in the same time, sometime not.

When Virb Edit detecte two video file at the same time, i really have this situation (extract of Virb Edit support) :

""The multi-camera feature in VIRB Edit allows for easily alternating between clips recorded by two VIRB cameras at the same time. If there are multiple clips recorded at the same time, when adding the clips you will be prompted to enable multi-cam editing. Once this has been enabled, the option to toggle between clips can be found by clicking on the Editing tab on the left-hand side.""

Why Virb Edit sometime don't detect multile camera ?

How Virb Edit detect tmultiple camera ? File name ? G-Metrix file ?

Does it exist a function in the menu to enforce the multiple camera ? (don't find it)

When multiple camera is automatically detected, i see a unique disposition : PIP (Picture in Picture) . I can only replace PIP without resizing it. Is it possible to resize the PIP?

I hope a lot that Garmin will stay alive (and developp) Virb line of business (Camera, software, ....).

Thanks for your respons.

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