Some GPX files won't load on Mac (Failed to read file), but they do on Windows

Hi, new user here.

I created a tool that converts GoPro metadata into many formats, one of them being GPX, which some users import into Virb Edit.

Unfortunately it looks like the macOS version of Virb Edit fails to import GPX files that contain <fix>, <hdop> and <cmt> content. The same files work perfectly well on the Windows version.

To reproduce the problem you can:
- Download a GoPro video file if you don't have one with GPS:
- Convert the telemetry it to GPX:
- Import as G-Metrix in Virb Edit.

Should we expect an update that fixes this? Otherwise I might provide users with a specific Virb Edit export button and produce simplified GPX files, but only when I find time to work on it.

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