G-Metrix data lost when backing up/restoring Virb Edit Database (5.4.3,Mac OS Mojave)

System: Mac Os Mojave
Virb Edit 5.4.3

I´m migrating my Macbook Air SSD drive (128Gb) for a larger one (512Gb), but I´m having issues using the "backup/restore database" option in Virb Edit 5.4.3.

I backup the files from Virb 5.4.3 in the original drive (File/DB Backup (*)) , but when I restore the database into the Virb installation in the new system drive (File/DB Restore), I get all the projects and thumbnails OK, system settings OK, but NO G-Metrix Data on projects I worked on the "old" drive. When I try to edit one of my old projects, the video file opens fine, all the edits I did on the project are fine, with the exception of the G-Metrix data which is gone. The video files are not stored in the system drive, but on an external hard drive , but they open just fine when I correctly point the path in Preferences.

It might be important to mention that although the video files are in an external hard drive, they were not copied directly through Finder, but actually imported from the Virb 360 using Virb Edit, so the G-Metrix data should be in the application database, shouldn´t it?

Only the telemetry/GPS data is missing when I migrate the data, everything else works.

If I try to mess around with G-Metrix on the saved projects (restored from the backup), when I click on the G-Metrix tab, I have my dashboard templates there, but no G-metrix data. The software says "No G-Metrix detected - import your .fit or .gpx file on the Data tab" (*) If I click on the "Data" tab, "there´s no G-Metrix for this clip"

Tried copying the files from and into the Library folder manually as well, with no success. G-Metrix is gone when I switch drives, no matter which method I use to backup/restore the Virb Edit database from the original SSD drive.

Isn´t the Database Backup/Restore feature supposed to copy the G-Metrix data as well?

(*) my system is configured to Portuguese(Brazilian), the menu names and system messages in the English configuration might be slightly different than what I´m telling here.

Any hints? Something I might be missing?

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Ubirata Muniz (Bira)