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Apple FCPX Not Working with Garmin Virb 360 5.7k Video

Hi all !

I'm trying to edit stitched Garmin Virb 360 degree video 5.7k (5760 x 2880 pixels) in latest FCPX.

However, I just get black film strips on footage and whilst audio plays, there is no image to view.

I see options for editing 360º video at 4k but not 5.7k, but i thought FXPX supported video up to 8k?

I've also tried editing as equirectangular clips (not 360 video) and I've Optimised on import and tried Proxy - but still only blank black clips.

Any suggestions - pretty please with cherries and ice cream?! :)

I'm using pimped up Mac Pro 5.1 with fast processor, 32Gb ram and NVIDIA GTX 680 Mac graphics card which all works fine in Garmin Virb Edit software.