5.1.2 not rendering elevation data on export or when played in viewer

I have problems with 5.1.2. The syncing is not working properly so I went back to 4.2.3. However on my laptop I am finding that this version is refusing to export. So I went back to 5.1.2. With a lot of hassle I got my GoPro video synced up with my Garmin 800 data.

Now I have a new issue. I have found that when I export the elevation profile chart is not rendering. In edit it is there but if played in the VIRB player, or exported it does not show. I have had this issue before with one of the early 4. versions and it was finally resolved with a software update. I have emailed Garmin again on this as I suspect the same issue but I don't see any other comments about this here. Does anyone else suffer this? ciq.forums.garmin.com/.../1232554.jpg ciq.forums.garmin.com/.../1232555.jpg ciq.forums.garmin.com/.../1232556.jpg