Overlays Not Exported to Final Video

I created a short test video. Imported it, arranged a bunch of overlays, and added a title. And it all looks great in Edit. But when I exported the video none of the overlays were there (it reverted to the 'standard' overlay from camera that I replaced, not the cycling sensors I have).

So I started over. The video showed the standard overlays; I added a single overlay (for power), exported, this was good.
Then I deleted all the overlays, added what I wanted, exported, all was good.
Next, I added a title. Now my overlays were gone, but the title showed up.
So I deleted the title, re-exported, and my overlays were back.

Through all of these issues the video looks good in the program but what gets exported is not what I see in the program.

I'm new to the Edit program, but, this behavior can't be right, can it?
  • Hmm, interesting connection between the presence of Titles and Overlays. It's as if the export algorithm first checks for the presence of Titles before checking for Overlays and if found never goes back to also check for the presence of Overlays. Hello Garmin. Please check this out, it may be an easy fix.