HomePort Incredibly Clunky and Slow

I have been using HomePort on my MacPro (2 x 3.2 GHz quad core CPU, 16GB RAM, RAID card, fast SATA drives) and HomePort is dog slow. I have been through a number of updates over the past few years and it never gets any better. Interactions with the GUI take forever. It seems that Garmin has either abandoned this product or has a fundamentally flawed architecture (is this some sort of automated port from VISUAL BASIC on Windows 95 for example?). It is a good program in principle but horrible in practice. Is there any chance that Garmin will address the serious performance issues with this software and come out with a version that does justice to the Garmin name? Heck - BlueChart on my iPhone 5s works a heck of a lot better than HomePort, why not get the BlueChart development team to do a port to OS X and have the HomePort team go back to programming school to learn how to design and implement a responsive app. Or just let us run BlueChart in the iOS emulator, it's bound to be orders of magnitude faster than HomePort on the same hardware!