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Hope somebody out there reads this. I have a Macbook Pro. I have a Garmin Map76. I have Blue Charts for the Garmin that I bought and loaded onto my Map76 in 2003 using a borrowed PC. I'd like to be able to use Homeport for Mac to view and manage my Blue Charts on my Macbook. 1) Will Homeport allow my 2010 Mac to read and navigate through my 2003 Garmin Blue charts and 2) will I be able to communicate with my Map76 if I get the correct cord adapter for the Mac?

Currently if I attempt to load the Blue Charts CD into my Mac, it gives me an index of the contents, but nothing will run.

Thank you in advance for any info. about this very confusing topic--(which software for Mac, what does it do EXACTLY? Which exact Blue Charts will Homeport let you access (date, etc), and what is the nature of that interaction? etc etc)
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