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Tracks no longer contain date and time data for each index point

I'm not sure whether or not this happened when I upgraded to ver 2.3.0, but I am very fearful that years of useful data could possibly be lost forever through no fault of my own:

I no longer see any speed, date, or time information for points along any of my tracks. I had noticed in the past that some imported tracks lacked this info, but all of those tracks imported over the past few years from my 62st and 64st handhelds would include this information. Now, the only columns in the Get Info window for ALL tracks in HomePort are: Index, Leg Distance, Leg Course, and Position.

I had often used track date and time information to plan future outings and resolve questions about adventures we had been on by looking back at the speed achieved on previous outings. I could also match the date and time stamp on trip photos and appropriately caption them by placing them along the track.

Why, oh why, has this data disappeared? Can I get it back?
  • I don't have Homeport but in BaseCamp there is a button that selects more detail. If Homeport has one too maybe you've deselected it?
  • Where is this option in BaseCamp? Menu bar, info window, ... ? I see nothing on HomePort, including messing with all Preferences. The only option for level of detail deals with maps (charts), not tracks. (I'm on an iMac, remember.) After many years with BC, I switched to HP because BC would not read my Lake Vu chart. Nothing but frustration... not just with HP, with Garmin's lack of support in general.

    Edit: I copied some tracks from backups of the Garmin folders on my handheld devices made over the years and they show full detail, as desired. So, there may be a way to get the info back for some tracks, just rather time consuming, and perhaps not in full. And, the details viewed in these new backup tracks may possibly only be available temporarily as I know this detail was present earlier...

    And, this setback was DIRECTLY TRACEABLE TO UPDATING HomePort for Mac from version 2.2 to version 2.3. Garmin, are you listening??

    Feeling confident that I could mess around with my computer's files in a pretty unorthodox way and still get back to a safe spot via iMac's Time Machine, I dug around in the Library/Application Support/Garmin/HomePort/Database folder on my Mac. (You have to hold the option key down to access Go -> Library.) Sure enough, in that Database folder were two folders named '2.2' and '2.3.' I deleted the 2.3 folder and renamed the 2.2 folder -> 2.3. All is well.

    Testing it out by creating new lists and waypoints and tracks in the application and then quitting (to trigger the 'Saving your data...' message), appropriately updates the files in the 2.3 folder: AllData.gdb, AllData.gdb.bak, FolderData.gfi, FolderData.gfi.bak, and also the enclosed folder: TrackSegments. Repeatedly opening HomePort and tweaking various pieces of data works as expected.

  • To fully explore/prove my hypothesis that the upgrade to 2.3 was the cause, I thought I would copy the good 2.3 folder to the Desktop, rename the folder in use '2.2' (pre-upgrade status), open and quit HomePort, look to see if a new 2.3 folder is created, open HP again and check the track info boxes. I started to do the copy, but the process indicated that it was copying over 260,000 items... 293.7 MB in size, half hour to accomplish, so I aborted that for now and will call it good.

    I will let Garmin Support test that out. HA!
  • Not sure they need to. It's something you generally have to do with BaseCamp if the version number changes. I hadn't appreciated from your initial post that that was the issue or I'd have given you the solution. Seemed you had your data but couldn't view some detail within it.
  • No. This is NOT something that the average user should need to do.

    I dug deep within my iMac's Library in search of clues, found two file folders with names of the two versions of HomePort I had used so far, and, on a hunch, deleted the folder with the new version's name, manually changed the number of the old version's folder to match the new version number, and got lucky.

    I seriously doubt that that most folks are going to go through this because "it's something you generally have to do..." ???