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Vivoactive 4S - Intensity minutes either not added or wildly high.

I've had my vivoactive 4S for a few weeks and the one thing I can't master is intensity minutes. I had 76 minutes as of Wednesday last week and then did several activities over the following days totalling at least 90 minutes in Zones 2 and 3, but the intensity minute counter never added those minutes. Now it's a new week and I currently have my watch rolled up in my sock as I walk on my desk treadmill (so it's not reading HR at all) and the intensity minutes are steadily going up (42 and counting). The HR zones for intensity minutes are set the same way in the watch settings and in the app settings. I've tried logging out of the app and back in, restarting the watch, charging the watch to 100% and resyncing. What am I missing?