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Not measuring stress EVERY TIME I charged my vívosmart 4

Hi all,

This is my 2nd vívosmart 4 after I returned the 1st one which suffered the exact similar problem.

EVERY TIME I charge my vívosmart 4 (using the official charger, of course), when I put it back on, it simply stop measuring stress. Even after a few hours, the stress level doesn't display. The screen stays on "Measuring Stress" with the three dots blinking on top of the screen.

As a consequence, I have to reset the watch (not a factory reset, just a "simple reset") so the watch can measure the stress level again. Needless to say that that's a bit annoying... To make things worse, because I did a reset, it also resets my Battery Level. For example, I was at 36 vefore the resetting, now it displays 50 (which seems to be the default measurement).

As I said, this is my 2nd vívosmart 4 with the exact same problem.

Why does it stop measuring stress after charging? Any idea?