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BUG REPORT: vivosmart 4 display won't turn off when doing "strength training" activity with "rep counting" OFF . Version 4.80

Problem Description:

When doing the strength training activity with the rep counting feature deactivated the screen doesn't turn off, it's always on displaying the time of the activity in version 4.80

Resulting in the battery being drained much faster

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to activities and select the icon "strength training".

2. When inside strength training  activity and timer at 00:00 is displayed, scroll down and click on rep counting, switching it off.

3. Go back to 00:00 timer screen and start the activity by double tapping.

4. Notice how brightness goes up to 100% and it the screen doesn't turn of even when relaxing the arm, it always displays the time, when ending the activity the screen works normally.


Non found.

pls fix