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When to charge my vivomove style

I have a new Vivomove Style which replaced my old Vivoactive 4S.     On the Vivoactive I could check my battery level but there’s no way to do this on the Vivomove Style, right?  How am I supposed to know when my power level is getting low?

  • There’s a battery widget on the watch + low battery notifications.

  • As thr4 wrote, there is a widget on the watch, just swipe left or right from the main screen. There are both a semicircular gauge with the two overlapping analog hands showing the battery level and the usual battery icon underneath, showing how full the battery is. There is no percentage indication, though.

    Regardless of what the battery gauge show, I suggest you charge the watch every other day or so. Deep discharge cycles (i.e.: wait until the battery indicator goes into the red or you get the "low battery" message on the screen) will wear out the battery more quickly. I usually charge mine when I am taking a shower and/or shaving.

    FYI, from my experience, if you cannot or want not charge often, the Style can go 4-5 days on a charge, depending on whether or not you keep PulseOX measurement "On" during sleep, how often you use the screen and how many activities you have.

    Enjoy your watch, I have had my Style Silver for over two years now (coming from almost three years with a Vivomove HR) and I am very happy with it. Despite not being a "rugged" watch per se, I wear it for everything, including hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. and other than a couple of almost invisible dents on the bezel it still looks and works as if new.