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Double tapping (Double click)

Here are many issues about bad double tap event handling:

For vivomove, style, hr, and other same devices:





And here are only issues from this forum. You can find many mentions of this problem on the internet. 

This is a very big problem cause unlock does not work when it needs

  • In queue in the shop when I try to pay - I'm just tapping on the screen and this all... All queue wait for me... It's awful!!!
  • Workout... when I try to start or stop my exercise I'm just tapping... 4-5 times.. Look like I'm training my fingers ...
  • Just for unlock...Double-tap...Double-tap...Double-tap...Double-tap...Hmmmm....

I've really like this device, but this issue breaks all usability! I can't unlock the watch when I need it!!

As I wrote in the issue, looks like the touch screen works fine, and the problem is within the programmatically part, where you handle double-tap. I believe that can be fixed via updates (no need to screen replacement e.t.c.)