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Vivomove Style - the "floors climbed" widget is missing in device settings


I just bought and activated a new Vivomove Style watch and wondering where is the "Floors Climbed" widget?

It is mentioned in the user's manual, but not available neither in the widgets menu nor in the device settings (in Garmin Connect, both mobile and web).

SW version is 4.00. 

User's Gender setting: Female

  • In the main page of the phone app, the one titled "My Day", scroll down at the very bottom. There is a button that says "Edit My Day". Clicking on that will open a page where you can reorder and add/remove your widgets. Check if you see the "Floors" widget there, listed among those not to be displayed

  • The problem is not with "My Day" dashboard in the Garmin Connect App. 

    The issue is that the "Floors" widget cannot be added to the Vivomove Watch at all (Widgets carousel). It is completely missing in Widgets settings for the device.

    We can configure the widgets on the Watch only from Garmin Connect (Web or Mobile application). In both cases there are no "Floors Climbed" widget available in the list. Please refer to the attached screenshots.

  • Ah, I see now what you are saying, sorry for the misunderstanding. If you go to the "Activity Tracking" menu and scroll down to the second half of the page, do you have a goal set in "Daily Floors Climbed"? Perhaps if it got set to zero for some reason, the widget does not even show up? 

    I have SW 4.00 version as well and my Style is over a year old. The "Floors" widget has always been there.

    Since your watch is new and most likely with little or now use (and therefore data), you could try to reset it if nothing else fixes the problem.

    You can do that from the watch, going to the "Settings" menu, then "Reset" and you have two option "Reset Default" only or "Delete Data and Reset".

  • The goal is set and the watch counts the floors, so the feature works. And the information can be tracked in "My day". 

    I tried to reset settings and that didn't help.

    I can tell more, the issue is quite interesting... The widget will be shown on the Watch just after reset and activation. But since this widget is not presented under the corresponding settings in the Garmin Connect App, it will disappear from the Watch in case any changes to widgets appearance or order are made and saved in the Garmin Connect Slight smile

    I'm guessing could this be somehow related with the user profile? The watch is used by my wife, so the user's Gender was initially set as "Female".

    When I was investigating the issue, I tried to reset and activate the device using the Android and iOS devices. And saw weird behavior related with the "Women's Health" and the "Floors" widgets just after the activation. In both cases the actual set of widgets on the watch didn't match the actual settings shown for the device in Garmin Connect.

  • Uhmmm, this is really weird. Perhaps some sort of bug triggered by a particular combination of settings? 

    Have you tried to reset the watch and before you activate it again removing and reinstalling the phone app? A while back (do not recall if it was with the Style or the Vivomove HR I had before) the app "lost" the menu item to show VO2 Max. Just like in your case, it was being measured and recorded, I could see it in my dashboard if I used Garmin Connect website, but not in the app.

    Removing and reinstalling the app cured the problem.

    Also, what if you reset the watch and when going through the initial configuration you set it as "Male", check that the "Floors" widget is both in the watch and the app and then change it from the app to "Female" afterward?

    This kind of stuff is unnerving, but I must honestly say that other than a screw-up with SW 3.9 (which Garmin fixed, although it took a couple of months), I am very happy with my Style, now 14 months old.

  • Same problem with my Vivomove 3s. The only way to view 'floors climbed' is to set the watch face screen to that, but I don't like that as my watch face screen! (I prefer plain hh:mm face)

    Yet another garmin bug.....

  • I don't know about your purchase or instruction leaflet but I have just bought a new Vivomove Style SPORT (JUNE 2022) and there is absolutely no mention of a Floors Climbed widget in the instructions or any of the advertising literature for the product. Therefore, the conclusion is, it is not possible on this particular model. In my opinion this is a big oversight by Garmin as I believe most people would want this above other features being offered on it and will most likely be disappointed.

  • The Vivomove Style and Vivomove Sport are two different models. There is no Vivomove Style Sport. The Vivomove Sport is now the entry level in the Vivomove series.

    Unlike the Vivomove 3, Vivomove 3s and Vivomove Style/Luxe the Sport does NOT have a Barometric Altimeter sensor, so it cannot measure floors climbed. You can see that comparing specs on the Garmin website.

    It is not an oversight, but a design choice to differentiate product. If you want/need the Floors Climbed feature you'll have to return the Sport and get the 3, which cost about $20 more.