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Why can't I do anything else with this watch

Hi, I'm kinda new to this vivomove style watch. I just want to ask why can't this watch can't install 3rd party app on it. Even my old mi band 4 can play t rex run :) Is there any way for me to have access to my watch software. Or is there a way so I can design and use my watch face in this vivo style, instead of some watch faces already there in the app. I knew that there's no way for connect IQ. But I think I can do something more interesting with this watch which has 2 color screen. 

PS: This is not related but I wish there is a way so I can change the shortcut menu in this watch too. 

  • It’s not designed to be able to use apps

  • Garmin is not competent to correct an update.. I think it is so complex for their team. I wish it goes to OpenSource.

  • Hello! The vivomove luxe is geared toward aesthetics and being a hybrid smartwatch, rather than focusing on the more advanced fitness features. Not all of our watches share the same compatibility and features.

  • In my humble opinion, if people spent more time checking that what they want buy does what they want before they bought it, it would save everybody's time and money...

    One thing is if a product does not do what it has been designed for, another if a feature was never there in the first place.

    Nobody would expect a car manufacturer to make just one single model with all imaginable features a car can have, why should it be different for a smartwatch (or anything else, for that matter)?

  • You bought a HYBRID smartwatch (=looks of analoge watche but with supporting software to make it samrt) . No hyrid smartwatch out there will let you do things you can do an on Android or iPhone watch (install apps, changes fancy clock faces ...) So, buy yourself a Goofle Wear (for Android) watch and have fun being creative.