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Bluetooth connection poor?

I got my Vivomove Luxe yesterday and some things are not impressing me. The bluetooth connection seems particulary poor with the watch disconnectiing and reconnecting less than 5m from the phone. Is this the general experience?

  • Have just 26/11/20 purchased a Vivomove style. I am having the same issues with the bluetooth connection. It connects initially and all works fine for 5-10 mins then loses the bluetooth connection.

    The device works fine on its own, its the smart features that fail when it loses the bluetooth connection.

    Iphone 8

    IOS 14.2

    latest download from app store 26/11/20

    updated on the 26/11/20

    have removed and reinstalled numerous times, including hard reset of phone to clear memory.

    Yes you have permission to contact me 

  • Hi, 

    did you manage to sort the bluetooth problem?

    I’m experiencing the same problem

  • Hello! Could you try this workaround? Open your Settings app > Bluetooth and tap on the name of the device (not on the (i) symbol, but on the name of the device itself). This should cause it to reconnect with the watch. Note that this will not permanently resolve the issue, but should cause the phone to reconnect, after which it should stay connected for a while, If this is not work, please let me know so I can add you to our case. 

  • Samsung s9 with latest updates same problems with the watch. Bought it 1month ago

    Almost no connections 2m range and 1 wall between the devices 

    Open kitchen, phone on the hallway and got disconnected, less than 2m

    You can contact me for more details 


  • I got the similar problem too. Using Samsung S20FE with the latest firmware, the Bluetooth connection connect and disconnect with my Vivomove Luxe. Even when pairing my Luxe also problem too....when passcode appear, i have to enter quickly on Garmin Connect. It will dissapear quickly and Connect will said that the connection failed. I am using Garmin 735XT and also Venu SQ, no problem with the connection for these 2 watches. Does anyone here can help or share the solution?