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Activate display by double tapping is not working

Activation of the display by double taping is so terrible it makes me want to return the watch.

Otherwise the touch response is good, when the display is activated.

I hope Garmin issues some FW update for this...

  • It's still a problem February 2020.

    have just returned no. 2 to Garmin, and the latest software updates still doesn't fix it!.

  • I have to hit the glass quit hard sometimes imho.

  • Agreed... I have to tap it harder than I'm comfortable with. 

  • I spent an hour resetting and repairing my vivosport, only to have the set up screen freeze on double tap.  I've tried everything and I can't get the double tap to work, which means I can finish the set up.  UGH.

  • I've tried double tapping over and over, to no avail.

  • I just got a Garmin Venu that I could not wake up with a double tap, until I came to this thread. One has to tap way harder than you would want to tap on a watch. You have to do it like you're really mad at the watch, lol. It has to be like with the really tip of the finger and it's awkward because my nail hits the glass.

  • DoubIe tab is not working (March 2021)!
    I held the Vivomove HR in my hand to install it. Installation was not possible because double tap did not work at all.
    Put the watch on my wrist. By standard double tap did work after 2-7 attempts.

    Resend the watch for service. Nothings is wrong they said. It can't be true. It's an expensive watch and it have to work.

    We are a lot of people facing this problem and I can't see any solution.

  • I'm too faced with this problem. As I see tap/touch events work normally, so this issue can be fixed programmatically with updates. Can any developers answer this issue?

  • I’m having the same problem with Vivomove Style and I find it quite ridiculous, especially in social situations. Adjusting the amount of required pressure could solve the issue. If it’s programmatic, of course. Please do something about it, I see it’s been years…

  • For the last couple of months, it has improved significantly. Good job, Garmin! However, I noticed the problem persists on vivomove Style when turning on the activity. I have to hit it hard several times before it stops the exercise (requires double tap). In all the other places, it's alright.