Vivoactive 3 widget not working for last 5 month

This is to introduce myself as one of the big admirer of Garmin watch being a fitness fanatic & regular runner for many years.


I want to state with great regret that the Vivoactive 3(Serial No-5ZR154783) watch which I bought from one of your dealer based out in Delhi, India in year 2020 along with my other fellow runners is not functioning since August,23. I have also raised this issue to Amit intl-Garmin authorized service center in Delhi & even after weekly follow ups(from my side only) the same is not resolved so far.

I have been communicated that this watch neither can be repaired nor replaced(as Vivoactive3 is discontinued) thus I have to shell out another 22K INR to upgrade this watch to Vivoactive 4 model.


I am very disappointed with this type of service which is provided by your esteemed global brand as no documented T&Cs were shared during purchase mentioning that neither repair nor replacement of the concerned model will be provided if watch malfunctions in future which otherwise also not acceptable with such a reputed brand known globally.


You are requested to intervene & share an earliest resolution as my pocket doesn’t allow me to spend 22K INR once again in just 3 year for replacement with upgraded model.


Anticipating your earliest support & resolution.

  • Surprisingly my issue have not been resolved even after 5 month of rigorous follow ups

  • It seems this was offered to you as your watch was out of warranty. Once the warranty has passed we have a fixed cost to repair/exchange the device out for. However, if the watch has been discontinued you'll begiven the options to upgrade. This varies by country. The Forums is mainly handled by North America support, we can only assist with troubleshooting for customer in other countries. From what you've typed it looks like our support team in India has already performed troubleshooting and given you the next steps as your watch is out of warranty and has been discontinued. 

    For additional assistance please reach out to your local Garmin Support team.