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Display heart rate on screen in always on mode

I know that it is possible to set the display to always on; however, in always on mode, it always reverts to displaying the time. I'd like to to continuously display heart rate. This way I could look at the watch at any time and always see my heart rate. Is this possible in regular mode, activity mode or in some other type of setting?

  • This can vary based on which watch face you are using.  This one for example with show HR when in low power mode:

    The thing to remember is when in low power, the screen will only update once a minute.

  • The on-board watch faces will continue to display all the data fields even when the screen is grayed out, the HR continues to display and change even while grayed out.  I just tried one and as I sit here I can see my HR, time, date and steps even while in resting mode where the face is grayed out.  You can customize which data fields you see for the on-board watch faces also by going to watch face, tapping on the pencil, then data, depending on which face you are customizing you will see 3 or 4 data fields, tap on a data field and swipe up or down to change it.

    I tested this on some downloaded watch faces I have through Now Watch Faces and they also continue to show the data fields while in the always on display.

  • I don’t think the SQ has a low power mode.  You can turn off bluetooth, or tracking etc but not an actual low power mode or battery saver mode  per se.

  • I'm talking about with in a watch face.  After a gesture, the WF will drop out of low power and the screen will update every second.  But after 10 seconds, the watch face drops back into low power mode.  On the venu devices that's where AOD comes in.  The watch face is in low power mode.

  • Oh ok, well in this lower power mode my AOD continues to update my HR every second as I watch it.  I can see it change.  It only continues to do this with the on-board watch faces though.  My downloaded watch faces are as you describe, not updating every second.

  • Thanks for the answers, I'll have spend some time to figure out how to set up watch faces. I wasn't aware that watch faces were downloadable applications.

  • If you want to see your HR in real time I think you’ll most likely have to stick with the onboard watch displays but they are quite customizable.

  • I realized through the answers how to edit the Watch Face and add the HR to it constantly.

  • hi, got lost with that, what do i need to do to get my heart rate etc onto the default watch face ? thanks

  • 1. Press the lower right button

    2. In the menu choose "Watch Face"

    3. You will see the existing watch faces, that you can browse (swiping) through, edit (the pencil icon below) or add a new one (last option to the right - "plus" sign). If you want to add it to your everyday usual watch face, just find it by swiping and click the pencil to update

    4. From the update menu choose "Data"

    5.You will see square areas with + sign where ever you can add data. That should be for the 4 corners of the screen, unless some are already taken (like date). Choose where you want the heart-rate with the relevant +

    6. When the square is selected you can swipe up and down between data options. Not all are available, but heart-rate is. On my watch it's the 8th swipe down and the heart symbol is hard to miss. Click on the square again to choose, and then the upper right button (it has green V associated).

    You're done