Tacx vortex T1961 impossible à connecteur via ANT + hormis sur TTS4

Bonjour, j'ai un problème avec mon home traineur acheter d'occasion. j'arrive à le connecter au logiciel Tacx trainer software 4 via une clé usb Ant + acheter sur internet , mais je n'arrive à le connecter à aucun autre logiciel comme ZWIFT , TACX TRAINING... comment cela se fait ? 

D'ailleurs sur le logiciel TTS4 lorsque je lance une course en réalité virtuel , un message d'erreur s'affiche indiquant :"The game crashed.The crach report named 2023-12-04-03330 next to game executable. It would be great if you 'd send it to the developer of the game!"

Merci de bien vouloir m'apporter votre aide à ce sujet .

  • it is an old Tacx Vortex (the T1961 is very old one, the T2180 is the smart version) only with the private ANT protocol (not ANT+!!!! that is an open one), it has no ANT+ or Bluetooth protocol inbuilt, so You cant use it with Zwift or Tacx Training on mobile / tablet or computer (with 2 pcs ANT+ sticks there is a solution but it needs a 3rd-party app which can "translate" the ANT messages to ANT+ but hard to find it on the internet because not-legal, somebody wrote it who had a very old Tacx trainer in the past 5-6 years ago or more. ). It works only with TTS4 but the TTS4 is not supported anymore so if somebody has issue with it, that sucks....

    so it's time to buy a new (and direct drive) trainer. much better than this old, noisy and very inaccurate dumb trainer

  • Merci pour votre retour, par contre sur l’étiquette il est bien marqué ANT+ (voir photo jointe) 

    pouvez vous m’indiquer la méthode pour se Connect avec Zwift par exemple svp? 

  • Luko79 was wrong. Older wireless Tacx models do not support the ANT+ FE-C protocol.

    You can use this signal converter:

    Or use the old but reliable TTS4:
    If something doesn’t work, then see logs:

    Older wireless models are also compatible with mobile apps from Tacx (TTA and old TCA), but not the desktop version (TDA). The mobile device must support the ANT+ protocol for this (for example, via an external dongle).

  • this trainer has only disadvantages (no, it has one advantage: it works as a bike stand!), power "measurement" is a guess-o-meter, from real power it is off by 30-50watts mostly overreads, and no, there is no chance to calibrate it good because it has huge temp drift, unable to use for proper watt-based training, in virtual world it is well-known "cheater" trainer and banned, noisy, it was a dead-end 8 years ago too, hardly recommended to replace it for a zwift hub or kickr core. but if somebody likes to suck, just go on..