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WiFi and Connection issues for the Tech Dummy

My scale does not connect to WiFi and does not send data to GC. It did seamlessly a few months ago, but then all of a sudden it pretty much stopped working and hasn't worked since.

So much chatter on this forum of what is causing the problem and some viable solutions.

The problem is, I am not tech savvy and I do not understand most of the chatter that is going on.

What I would like is:
- Garmin can fix this problem on their side so that ALL USERS will not have this problem anymore.
- send out a STEP by STEP set of instructions that a dummy can understand on how to set your router or what I need to do to fix the problem.

  • Try the following steps.
    First delete the index scale from Garmin Connect.
    On the back of the scale, press the reset button so you get the wrench icon.
    Go back into Garmin Connect and add the device.
    Follow the step instructions once Garmin Connect discovers your scale.

    This happened to me the other day. For some reason Garmin Connect had lost its wifi link to the scale. Using the above steps got it working again.
    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already tried this many times.

    My problem sounds like it is more related to the problem being discussed in some of the other threads... something about DNS server, or NTP server or something about the issue...

    I currently work and reside in China so that may have something to do with the scale not being able to connect.

    Either way, I am just looking for a step by step instructions to follow to solve the problem, I don't really need to know about the "why" it is happening.
  • Just to clarify, you mentioned that the scale was working a few months ago but now you reside in China. Was the scale working in China or only stopped when you moved there? I have read about the DNS sever threads etc but personally haven't investigated since I don't have this problem. For what its worth, my router is a TP-Link which is made in China. Maybe you can pick one up cheap or borrow one to see if this resolves your problem.

  • When the scale was working, it was in China as well, so I think it has to do with either the software, firmware, the recent updates or something on the garmin side.

    I would be surprised if there are any routers that are NOT made in China these days...

  • oh cool this is more comprehensible. Now the question that I have is what do I change the DNS to? or something else?
  • Follow this advice or send bulletbilltm a private message

    This fixed it for me too.
    My Verizon router has a DNS server configuration option, so I added with IP address for the North America NTP server at
    Use nslookup to get an IP address, for example:

    All the best :)
  • I just tried... he doesn't receive private messages :(
  • I don't know if this is a coincident or just bad karma but this morning my scale stopped working as well. If I tap it, it comes up with the wrench icon and the flashing wifi icon. Then an x appears on the right hand side. If I step on the scale, it displays my weight with the flashing wifi icon; the weight then flashes and the x appears. Richchin_tw is this your experience as well?

  • YES thats exactly what happens to my scale now as well. Are you trying to use the scale somewhere besides the US too?

    The funny thing with my scale is, my weight and other data would sometimes without knowing, show up on my GMC app on my iphone, which means it is sending the data somehow, but just not at the time I am using the scale. My family also uses it so there is a possibility when they step on the scale the data is being sent, who knows.

    All i know for certain is that when I us it, I get the same problem that you just described.
  • I live in Australia and purchased the scale in Australia so its not a relocation issue. I followed the same setup advice I provided you but I was not able to get rid of the wrench icon. Just one note for clarification, I was using Garmin Express on my PC via Ant+ to link the scale; not the Garmin Connect mobile app using blue tooth. Regardless, they should both work.

    I called Garmin Support in Sydney. They said there wasn't any server issues at their end; ruling out any DNS configuration. But they did ask me to do the following as a test while they had me on the phone. You may want to try the following as well.

    First was reverse polarity. Take out the batteries from the unit and put them in backwards. Wait for say 15 -20 seconds and then reinsert the batteries properly. Follow the set up process. This did not resolve my problem.

    Second, Using your phone, turn on the mobile hot spot function so it acts like an internet router. Go through the setup process and when the system asks you to select a network, select your phone rather than your wifi router. This test is to determine if something is wrong with your original router. This test also failed.

    Because the scale failed to connect to the internet, they believe there may be a hardware problem with the unit. They asked me to return the unit to them and they would send me a new (refurb) unit. I sent the scale back to them today and I expect to receive the new unit in a week's time. When I do, I will update this post and let you know how I go.