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0.0 flashing on screen

Just got the new scale....
After a lot of trouble and 70min on phone with Garmin, we finally managed to set it up and scale shows up in Express and in Connect.

But now........when I step on it I get 0.0 kg on screen. This is on there for 5 sec, and then dissapears for 5 sec...and just repeats the loop....until it goes to sleep.
I stand on the scale, with no effect...the loop just continues.

Did anyone have an issue like this?

  • So I opened mine up hoping wires were unattached or bent. Everything was ok inside. I reattached a few that might have been to bent....this method didnt fix mine. It still flashes 0.0 lbs. I called garmin before I opened it, no help. The tech rep had no information on this issue, or how to trouble shoot the issue. The scale is about 2.5 years old so out of their warranty. Gotta say, for 10$ I can buy a scale that will last a life time. But a 200$+ I get a scale that's good a few years only. I will ad, the scale sat most its life unused- then used a bit- then unused for months again. Never used regularly daily. It should not magically break so young. 

    Anyone else find a solution that fixed their issue here? Is this scale completely garbage now?

  • I opened my scales up looking for loose wires - no luck there but I did notice that one of the feet (front left) was very corroded unlike the other 3 feet. Also, on the other 3 feet I was able to get movement (wiggle the plastic foot vs. the metal plate that they were attached to), but no movement on the corroded one. I assume this is the problem for my scales.

    I tried to clean / WD40 the corroded one, but no luck.