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The altimeter in my Forerunner 935 suddenly stopped working.

The altimeter in my Forerunner 935 suddenly stopped working. The elevation got stuck in one position and didn't change since (about one week ago). The total ascent in all activities is "zero". I restarted the watch a couple of times with no effect. I think that the issue started after the latest update to 13.30. My friend from the triathlon club has the same issue. Anyone else with this problem? I already contacted the support, and I am waiting for the response. I want to find out if there is more of us.

  • NO, no credit where it's due Tim - it's a known issue - instead of sorting out the problem which is a sensor that is poorly designed or not fit for the job, they've been hard at work releasing a new watch with exactly the same design flaw (945) meanwhile you (and many others)  were without a watch for at least a week - and no doubt had to pay to ship it and probably now have a reconditioned watc, which WILL develop the same fault in just a few short months.  Personally I don't think it's good enough!!

  • I don't know. I find it suspicious that a whole bunch of 935's started exhibiting the same error all around the same time. Much like the open water swimming issue the previous summer. I'm not convinced it's not related to a firmware update. It has me seriously researching competitors products for when I finally give up on this one. 

  • I'm on my third replacement and the altimeter has gone again (lasted 10 months on previous two, but less than 4 months this time). Other lost functions include temperature (same sensor unit I think) and the one that measures flights of stairs climbed - all three have gone again. Garmin has been very good with replacements but if I act on this latest failure it will be the fourth unit and each time it's replaced I'm without it for a few weeks.

    Is the 935 the only unit with this issue? I'd prefer to invest in a newer unit than keep getting this one replaced.

  • Based on this forum, it sounds like the 945 has the same issue. I've thought about returning my 935, but based on this forum, it does not seem worth it. I'll just use my 520 for cycling workouts. That's the only activity where elevation is truly meaningful to me. By the way, if you use Strava, you can "correct" the elevation of any Garmin synced workout on the web based Strava site. It's a pain to do this manually, but it does work.

  • Thx for the info. Yes, I think I'm going to just keep this one and put up with having to do manual elevation etc. Last replacement took 24 days, so I had to go back to my 910 (6 years old and still working well) in the interim. Not sure I can be bothered trying for a new unit again. Kinda miss the temperature though with open water swimming season coming up (in Tasmania).

  • The elevation gain for all my outdoor activities is zero. I restarted the device it didnt work. Need help here as well

  • The elevation gain for all my outdoor activities is zero. I restarted the device it didnt work. Need help here as well

  • There must be a reset option where they can duplicate the elevation settings from the latest 945 model, it seems so crooked that such a simple feature in a high quality elite watch is glitch, mine has been like this for months and I thought surely they'd have come up with a solution by now 

  • I just noticed mine is working either... and looking at my training logs hasn't been for a while.  Honestly it's not something I really track...BUT I definitely want it to work.  In looking at mine it seems to be locked at 437ft. and a temp of 93.2F.  

  • The reason of the barometer failure is most likely its plugging. By definition barometer port has to be open to the atmosphere and that makes it very sensitive to plugging, especially if you do open water swim. Even if you don’t use it for swimming the residues from sweat, dust etc. can block the port. I rinse the watch by warm water after every workout thoroughly and shake out water from the port. That helps to keep it clean. The preventive measures like such cleaning is more effective than soaking in warm water if barometer stops to work, then it is probably too late and only replacement can help.