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Basketball training tracking

Dear Members,

As I just purchased Garmin 735XT I have some questions regarding basketball training tracking with it. I have used running (indoor) for it, but it doesn't feel right and also is affecting the VO2 max calculations.

I have tried to search for apps, that would do the trick, but haven't succeeded. Therefore I'm turning to you. How do you track your basketball training with this watch? Do you have an app for it or do you use some of the preinstalled apps?

  • What data do you expect to get from the tracking?

    I'd just go with "Other" with GPS set to off.
  • Remove from wrist and place in locker. It is not safe to play against an opponent wearing a watch and I would refuse to.
  • TrippyZ I have wrist band on for those purposes not to injure other people, thus far that has proved to be working.

    tmk2 Regarding what data I'm hoping to get is, to just measure the heart rate and speed and intensity of it.
  • Well, then just select "Other" or "Cardio". You won't get reliable speed, though. A wearable like this cannot reliably track speed when you change your pace and direction rapidly and often.
  • If you haven´t found the answer I did so maybe it will help you 3 years later. 
    Garmin makes HRM TRI which should cover all your needs and actually doesn´t make you use watches, you can syn info from the heart rate monitor directly into garmin connect when you are finished with the session. 
    My solution up until now was using sportstracker app and syncing it into garmin connect. It was the best I could find for free use giving me as much info I needed and I used cheap polar heart rate monitor but!! I had to bring the phone closer to the court. HRM TRI solves this and you can keep the phone in a locker.